Choosing a dog leash is not an easy task with so many shapes and sizes.

A long or a short dog leash?

We recommend a short dog leash. The advantage of a short dog leash is that you can train your dog well. If your dog is well trained, a long dog leash is not necessary at all. Your dog will then continue to walk neatly next to you. If your dog wants to be free for a while, there are plenty of run-off areas where he can riot. In addition, a short dog leash is safer for the environment. You don't have to worry about burns or scrapes from a long leash that has been rubbed down someone's legs.

A leather or cotton dog leash?

The Cooper & Quint range consists of leather and cotton or hemp dog leashes.

The leather dog leads are made from organically tanned leather from Italy. Leather is a natural product, as a result no belt is the same. It is a bit stiffer at first, but over time it will become more flexible. Leather is very strong and the belt will last for a long time. You can have your dog's name punched in the leash.

A cotton or hemp dog leash is nice and smooth from the start. Cotton is flexible and strong and lighter than a leather dog leash.

Whatever material you choose, the dog leashes are made with love for dogs and nature, without the use of toxins.