How do you measure the correct neck size of your dog?

Have you seen the ideal collar or bandana but you don't know which size to choose? There are several ways to measure your dog's neck size.

Measure the size with an existing collar or bandana

The easiest is to measure an existing collar or bandana. Lay the collar or bandana flat. Measure the part between the buckle and the hole you use the most. The size of your dog is now clear and you can choose which nice bandana or collar you will put on your dog.

Measure the size using a measuring tape

You can also measure the size of your dog with a soft tape measure. Measure your dog's neck at the widest part, closest to the shoulders. It is important that there are 2 fingers between the collar or bandana for the correct size.

You now know your dog's neck circumference. Find the right size bandana or collar.

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