Meet Jip


I am Jip and my humom (at least the one I like the most) is Fay.

I am a cross between a large Münsterlander and a small Münsterlander.

Together with my humoms we enjoy the super fine dog leash from Cooper & Quint . Miraculously, it is still beautiful, because once I am outside, I thoroughly enjoy romping in nature. I've always had the best time when I come home nice and dirty ;-).

I have been with my super sweet owners for about 6 years now. Although they were initially looking for a Partridge from Drenthe, my character and high"cuteness"content persuaded them to take me home. I can't be happier. Occasionally lying on the couch when the other humoms are not at home. And sometimes I get spoiled with small pieces of sausage or cheese. But the best part is the long walks. Preferably to places that I like or don't know yet.

Choosing the dog name

Figuring out the perfect name is no easy task. This was also quite difficult for Fay and her housemates. Perhaps even more difficult than the decision to take Jip home. Everyone called all sorts of names, but not everyone was always convinced.

Also names on the internet have not helped us in choosing the name Jip. We had the feeling that we had called all names until Fay's sister came to 'Jip'.

Everyone said"Jip."Yes! Jip. How many nice nicknames can you come up with here? Jipperdepip, Sjippie, Jappa. Very crazy names but it does sound. Everyone thought Jip was too cute and the choice was made, it will be Jip.

And the name fits perfectly! Jip comes from Frisian and means to give. He is therefore super sweet and affectionate. He protects his owners for everything and everyone.

Jip is a loyal dog (as many dogs actually are) who love to lie on your feet all day and prefer to sleep in your bed.

Jip is never really tired, he always has the energy to go out with us for both walks and other trips.

Nice areas for walking the dog

Jip loves to walk and especially a place where he can also run. Some nice places for walking the dog are in the forest or on the beach. Tips from Fay regarding forests:'Het Naarder Eng' and the forest in 'Lage Vuursche'. Here Jip can run around the large fields and smell everything, such as deer and rabbits. In terms of beach, Jip & Fay love Noordwijk aan Zee. Here the dog can go free and Jip can run through the water and over the sand.

Super fun search game for the dog

Jip's favorite game is 'find your toy'. In this game, Jip is in the hallway with the door closed (so that he cannot see where his toy is hidden). His favorite toy is hidden somewhere in the room that he then has to find. Jip loves this game, his tail flies like a propeller in the air, he is only proud when he has found the toy. His favorite toy is a cuddly toy that is so round that he can't even hold it, but he still loves it.

Do you want to know more about Jip and his adventures? Then discover more on Instagram .

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