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Emma & Ellen

I am Emma, a social, sweet and super curious Korthals Griffon. I like to sit on top of everything. Whether it's walks where I want to perceive all smells, learn new things such as hunting training, climbing over the wire to the chickens and Jefke, I want to investigate everything I encounter with my nose.

Like most Korthals Griffons, I am a real worker, I love working with my owner. Being active is therefore what I prefer to do. Walking, running, playing, hunting training,… Anything to lose my energy, I am much nicer indoors. I prefer to lie in my own place at home. Next to the sofa or in the kitchen on my pillow, where I can dream away. That's so nice about where I live.

The choice for a Korthals Griffon

The choice for a Korthals Griffon was quickly made. While walking in the neighborhood, Emma's owner Ellen ran into people with a Short-haired Griffon. It was love at first sight. A calm, good-listening, beautiful dog. The transition from the fluffy hair on the head to the shaggy body ... beautiful. After a conversation with the owners, everyone was convinced and the search began. That is how we ended up in the Netherlands.

Emma's original name is Pien Van de Wielervelden.

It was not quite Pien. It had to be Emma. To Ellen's great-grandmother. A nice, social, funny, lively lady. Emma does her credit!

Nice areas for walking the dog

Emma loves to search. She also enjoys the ' Hondsbossen ' and the 'Gasthuisbossen' in her neighborhood. Lots of smells of game and if we are lucky we see a rabbit or deer jumping away. The sound of the birds, pheasants, ... Occasionally dive into the stream, find my owner who is hiding behind a tree ... A real playground for me.

But spurting around on the meadows around our house is equally fun. My owner's heart stops moving every time I go after a rabbit, through the bushes, through the barbed wire… Fortunately I keep returning.

I think they are a bit scared since I ran a long way when I was only 4 months old. Fortunately, I also came back then. I had a really nice track, so it was already known that hunting training is fun for me. ;-)

Fun games at home and outside

Outside the boys play with the ball with me. They throw or kick him away, I'm going to get him. The nice thing is that it is never boring! I play the same game with my owner, but with the Frisbee.

At home I have a knot rope, nothing more fun than getting the knots out!

Oh I experience so much more. If you want to see what I experience every day, follow me on Instagram .

Emma_thegriffWoolly head and rough coat

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