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Paige The Servicedog

I am Paige. I am a super sweet sheepdog, but also a special dog. I am a psychiatric service dog. A psychiatric assistance dog is a dog that has been trained to help its owner with various psychological complaints. Think of; PTSD, autism, depression, compulsive neurosis, reliving, self-mutilation or other complaints.

For example, I have been trained in signaling stress. For example, if my owner starts to vibrate due to muscle tension, I (Paige) will respond to this. My owner often does not notice, but because I respond to this, she can choose to seek rest, in order to prevent a possible panic attack.

I also ask my owner's attention if she hurts herself. Because I draw attention, the action is blocked.

In this way I ensure that her life becomes a little better.

What does a psychiatric service dog do?

Psychiatric service dogs recognize changes in the behavior and emotions of their owners and are trained to respond in a way that is pleasant to the owners.

Unlike a therapy dog, which psychiatric service dogs are sometimes confused with, these service dogs are with their owners 24/7. So that the dog can help his owner get through the day.

A psychiatric assistance dog is always at work. It is not the case that these service dogs should only work when they are asked to do so. Mental illnesses are very unpredictable and can cause a person's mood to change suddenly. The dog must therefore constantly pay attention to its owner. His work should therefore not be underestimated.

Because the assistance dog can go anywhere and gives a feeling of safety, it can ensure that people with a mental illness can participate in society again, become more independent and become more confident. Ideal if, for example, you don't just dare to walk the street, a dog gives you a safer feeling. But a service dog can also be trained to interrupt reliving experiences or to pull you forward on the street when you have a panic attack, so that you do not stiffen but keep moving.

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Favorite games from Paige & Maartje

To help Maartje the best, a lot of training has to be done. Paige likes learning new commands. It is important to be clear that it is very good for both of them.

Paige is also really a smart guy and loves puzzles. Be careful because she learns most puzzles quickly and the candy is found very quickly ;-).

In addition, a ball is always a favorite. She never lets it out of her sight.

Nice places to walk the dog

A favorite place to play with the ball are the floodplains of the IJssel.

A beautiful place in nature, where Paige can fully run and it is enjoyable when the ball is thrown away again.

The forest is also a favorite for Paige. Sticks or a ball they are both carried with pleasure through the forest.

What has Paige meant for Maartje so far?

Paige has been the best girlfriend of owner Maartje for about 6 months now and they have worked very hard together for that. As Maartje herself says, Paige makes her life a bit more bearable and she helps her a lot. Everything is nice about Paige, but especially her enthusiasm !!

Cuddling is a party and she picks up all new commands super fast and does her very best.

Maartje has always had a good relationship with dogs. For example, Luna, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from her childhood home, was always allowed to visit her when she started having mental problems 6 years ago. And she had her own exhaust service for a while.

What is important to know is that you have to put a lot of time and energy into a service dog. You have to train a lot and this will not always go the way you want. It is important to consider whether you can provide a dog with what it needs before deciding to get one. But of course that does not only apply to psychiatric service dogs.

Want to learn more about Paige? Then take a quick look at her Instagram page.

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Paige & Maartje


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