Meet Noor


Noor with Katoo

This is me, Noor, together with my humom Katoo. I am a super smart, energetic and affectionate Weimaraner.

Did you know that they sometimes also call Weimaraners Velcro dogs? I hear you thinking, Velcro, like that stuff where everything sticks to? Yep, that's me ;-). You can always find me near Katoo, I would love to cuddle with her all day. In the beginning we had to get used to each other and sometimes I was a small monster with four legs. But I have always wanted to learn a lot and after a lot of training and practicing together, we are now really a top team. I take care of Katoo and she can see exactly what I need from my expressive expressions.

Choosing the dog name

The love for animals has been present at Katoo from a very young age. Growing up with ponies, donkeys, goats and sheep, the wish was very young for a dog. Unfortunately, it took a while. But after a holiday with friends with a Weimaraner, the choice for this breed was quickly made. The construction and character are great!

We just had to wait for the right moment. When the opportunity arose a year ago, the choice was made quickly. Inspiration for the name comes from a Facebook group with other Weimaraners. One of the dogs had the beautiful name Nora. This name has been remembered and that is how Noor came into being.

With your dog on an adventure

There is nothing more fun than going on an adventure with your dog. Noor also enjoys new adventures. She adapts very quickly to new situations and everyone loves her. She loves to be with people and according to Katoo she prefers to be with people rather than other dogs. Maybe that has to do with the fact that she was the only puppy.

Whether visiting friends or in the car, the Landrover Defender, which also allows you to discover rugged areas of land, every adventure is a joy for Noor. If the car gets stuck for a while, you can fully enjoy the rugged nature! Noor always ensures that she stays close to her owner. With a nice hiding game behind a tree, she ensures that Noor always remains focused on her.

Weim Crime

Noor is super sweet and affectionate, but of course she remains a Weimaraner. Do you already know Weim Crime? If not, you will get to know it now.

Noor is very bored when she is home alone and Katoo therefore always ensures that everything is cleared up. If not, it is broken. Glasses, cables, mobile phones or slippers, there was already a lot to believe. Fortunately, Noor does not break furniture, so there is always a place to cuddle it.

Noor's favorite game

Noor has a very good nose and is very good at tracking! Katoo started hiding cloth handkerchiefs in the garden, but now even keys are found. Noor doesn't want to go outside when the weather is bad. Then the detective work is done in house.

Do you want to know more about Noor and her adventures? Discover everything on Instagram .

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