Tips for knotting a dog bandana

The best ways for your dog to wear a bandana

It's pretty unclear when dogs started wearing bandanas (or when their owners decided it was a good idea). But the bandana is no longer just for people. Our four-legged friends are also increasingly seen with this fun, but also handy accessory around their neck. Looking for inspiration for this versatile accessory? Find out here how to wear it in the best ways.

Bandana for your dog:the 3 most beautiful styles

Are you looking for a way to cool down your dog on a hot summer day? All you need is a bandana and the right techniques to tie the bandana.

Dampen the bandana and put it in the freezer. This cold bandana will cool your dog on a hot summer day and looks super nice right away. There are many ways to put a bandana on a dog. We have listed the best ways for you. Choose what suits your dog best and once you have mastered the basic techniques, you can start varying and developing your own look for your dog.

Cowboy Style

If you see a dog with a bandana, it is often tied in this way. Our dogs are little crooks, so this exciting and challenging look suits them perfectly.

Fold the bandana into a triangle and tie the ends at the back of the neck. Make sure that the triangle is not completely neat, creating a playful look at the front.

Choker Style

Do you have a super cool puppy? Then make the bandana into a band that is tied around the neck. This creates an extra cool look.

Fold the bandana in half and keep folding until you have a thin line. Tie the bandana around the neck to create a simple band. An alternative way is to tie the bandana at the front. Not a fan of the excellent bits of fabric on the front? It is very easy to hide under the button or band.

Old Lady Style

Which dog doesn't feel superman or superwoman sometimes? Make a beautiful cape from your bandana and tie it around the neck.

Fold the bandana in a triangle and tie the ends at the bottom of the neck, in the neck. If the bandana is too big, you can also choose to roll it up a little before you tie it around your dog's neck.

Whatever style you choose, your dog will steal the show with a super cool bandana from Cooper & Quint.

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