Want to make the daily walk with your dog a bit more fun and sustainable? This is possible with the walking accessories from Cooper & Quint.

Wooden dog whistles

With the Woody Wistle Dog Whistles from Cooper & Quint you can train together on the daily commands. Whether it is "come here" or "sit", by training your dog you can give commands by means of a whistle. The advantage of a whistle is that you have to use your voice less, especially with long distances, this can be pleasant.

The advantage of a dog whistle is that it is very audible for the dog. So you can remotely tell the dog what you want.

The most important thing about using a dog whistle is patience and training. Always try to indicate the same tone per command.

Environmentally friendly poop bags

A poop bag is a necessary evil when you go out with the dog. But which poop bag is now environmentally friendly? The world of environmentally friendly products is confusing and poop bags are unfortunately no exception.

Although a fair number of products say that they are biodegradable and as a result good for the environment, unfortunately not all of them are compostable. Here is the difference. In essence, everything is biodegradable. If you wait long enough, most of the things will be taken up by nature again. However, if you don't want it to take ages for your poop bag to be digested, make sure it's compostable too. Cooper & Quint has found the ideal solution for this in the dog waste bags of The Sustainable People.

Foldable drinking bowls

Visiting friends and family with your four-legged friend is easier if you bring your own bowl. Cooper & Quint works together with HEVEA for this. HEVEA has a range of natural rubber products. Amongst other things, a practical foldable bowl. A must for the active dog to keep your pet hydrated. It folds easily and can be taken anywhere.

Walk accessories Cooper & Quint

The walking accessories from Cooper & Quint are made of natural materials, free from toxic substances. All handmade with love for nature and for the dog.