Dogs (and their owners) love to play. Playing with your dog creates a good bond. Playing is the best way to reward your dog and offers a natural way to teach your dog all kinds of skills. With these beautiful dog toys, you are guaranteed hours of fun. Always make sure you play safe. Not all games or dog toys are suitable for all dogs.

Safe dog toys

Not every toy is safe. Safe dog toys do not contain any toxic substances, are not made of soft plastic or rubber, cannot break and have no sharp edges or points. Cooper & Quint collaborates with HEVEA products for toys made of natural rubber. The natural rubber used for the HEVEA toys meets the highest quality and purity standards. HEVEA Puppy is made from the sap of the Brazilian Rubber Tree (Hevea Brasiliensis) and is naturally non-toxic, free from phthalates, PVC, heavy metals and other toxins. Hevea rubber is sustainably grown, biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly

If your dog is a real 'destroyer', make sure that you are always there when he plays with a toy. You can then quickly remove the toy in the event that pieces or threat are loose. Always make sure that the rules are clear before playing. It should be clear that it is a game.

Dog toys from Cooper & Quint

The Cooper & Quint dog toys are made of natural and sustainable materials and are free of toxic substances.