We owners of our four-legged friends always want to look nice. A bandana also gives your dog a nice look. In addition to a nice look, there are also various other advantages for wearing a bandana.

The history of the bandana

The bandana originated in India. It stems from the Hindi words "bāndhnū," (meaning knotted dyeing) and "bāndhnā" (meaning knotted). It is said that the very first bandana was donated to George Washington as a souvenir.

It's pretty unclear when dogs started wearing bandanas (or when their owners decided it was a good idea). It is clear that there are now many. In 2019, a new Guinness World Record was set with 885 dogs wearing a bandana at the same time during the Petersburg Walkathon in Vinoy Park.

Are there any benefits to wearing a bandana for dogs?

Bandanas can be good for dogs as well as humans. A dog bandana can catch loose hair. This can be very nice for allergy sufferers. In addition, a bandana can protect certain dogs from the sun.

Do you have a dog that experiences stress? Then use a special anti-stress spray. This spray often contains a soothing fragrance. The smell will calm your dog in stressful situations such as a visit to the vet.

Is it very hot? Then a bandana can offer a solution. Dampen the bandana and put it in the freezer. This cold bandana will cool your dog on a hot summer day.

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